Smart Video Doorbell

Use your smartphone to answer your doorbell from anywhere in the world !

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Tecom Co., Ltd is a one-stop-shop that provides resources to customers requiring video doorbell solutions for consumer, commercial, and apartment markets.

As of today, we are the professional OEM/ODM maker of various types of doorbells with our spheres of expertise covering product industrial and mechanical designs, manufacturing of the hardware, software design, in-house writing of iOS and Android mobile Apps. Tecom has also acquired a Cloud server to provide the whole range of services and support for our video doorbell customers.

We are the affiliate of TECO Group with 35+ years of experience in manufacturing phone system equipment and 10+ years specialization in VoIP. Since 2010, Tecom has been involved in design and manufacturing of video door intercoms as a part of our smart home offering. The 1st generation of the video door station was launched to the apartment market in Taiwan by year 2012. In the following years the company enlarged the door station product line with a few more models and by 2015 shipped over 35.000 sets to Taiwan, China, and Australia.

We can custom design smart video doorbell system based on customer’s requirements or provide private labeling of already available product by Tecom.

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Smart Home System

System is designed for residential building developed by a new generation of IP smart home networking platform that can support up to 5,000 households, providing tenants Video Access Control, Video Surveillance and Home Alarm modern smart home functionality required.